Items of interest

I love the MSDN blog feed. 

Frank Prengel writes about a study between .Net and Websphere where .Net comes out on top.  My only question is who paid for the study?

Robert Green shared about the navigator control that will a part of Whidbey“…navigator, a new WinForm control. It understands the data binding and has buttons for next, previous, add, delete, save, etc.”  Sounds interesting. Is Microsoft finally nearing a PowerBuilder DataWindow?

I just found Bryan Keller’s blog.  Bryan is a programmer writer at MS for the Reporting Services team.  He has written an article on Printing Reports and Reporting Services.  Worth a look.

Finally, Rocky had some interesting thoughts about web services.  Are they components or applications?  He argues that they are applications since they need to be “internally consistent and self-protecting”  Interesting argument.  I buy it.