Better Visual Studio = Lack of jobs??

Here is another interesting post from Jim Fawcette. He says that improving software tools are partially to blame for the eroding IT programming market. I think that we are still feeling the effects from the dot-bomb and from our recent economic downturn. I also think that we’ll see that the offshoring of programming duties will, in the end, raise costs. Software maintenance/enhancement costs will skyrocket due to the inability of the offshore programmer to understand the full impact of the code they are writing. Developers that read a spec and understand the way it affect the application as a whole are far more valuable in time and cost then a programmer who just writes code. It is this analysis that our employers pay for. It is this type of analysis that will keep jobs home. Can an offshore programmer do this, yes. The real question is will an offshore programmer do this?

Darcy Burner of MS has a dead on reply to this.

Also, interesting thoughts from a testers perspective. No spec = bugs.