Webcasts & Video

Besides hearing the Cubs beat the Brewers 12 – 4, I’ve been tuning into some webcasts/video.  Here are some of the highlights:

Bill Gates: Some ‘holy grails’ to be found within decade.  Interesting.  But it sounded a little like his Visual Studio 2005 keynote at VSLive in San Fran.

Speaking of VSLive, Amanda Silver of the VB.Net Team gave a session on Avanced Language Features in VB Whidbey.  Whidbey gives VB.Net loads of goodness like generics, operator overloading, XML Comments and partial types.  During the demo, Amanda’s environment crashed and the demo build was buggy.  You can tell she was nervous and the technical problems didn’t help.  But she kept on and the information was presented effectively.  Well done. Just a tip Amanda.  Keep the filler words (um, er) to a minimum.

Here’s a fascinating one, the real costs of going offshore.  I’m not really a proponent of offshoring but I do understand the reasoning.  What will I do when presented with a 70% savings?  Dunno.

Rocky Lhotka will be giving a MSDN Webcast on Design and Architecture for .NET Applications on April 13 @ 2:00 PM Eastern.  I love Rocky’s work and am looking forward to see what he’s got to say.

And of course .Net Rocks still rocks.