I’ve been a bad blogger.

Yes, I admit it. I’ve been a bad blogger. I hope to correct this within the next couple of days. I’ve got a ton of stuff to post and it’s about time that I do!

What have I been doing during the past two weeks? Glad you asked! I’ve been “heads down” at work rewriting an file processing application. (And it works a whole lot better if I say so myself! Object oriented design is a wonderful thing.) This weekend I’ve installed Microsoft Virtual PC on my home computer. For those of you who don’t know Virtual PC is software that emulates a computer on another computer. I’ve already set up three virtual machines running three different operating systems. In keeping with the Star Wars theme I’ve named these machines B-Wing (Windows Longhorn), A-Wing (Windows Server 2003) and X-Wing (Windows XP). And all of these virtual machines are running on Falcon a Windows XP Shuttle box. Of course I realize that my geekiness is fully showing but I figure who cares! Popeye said it best “Aye am what aye am.” A word to the wise about Virtual PC, have plenty of memory available. I was only running 512MB and things are a bit slow. I’ve already ordered another 1GB and it should be on it’s way soon.

On the home front, Lucy and I are planning a trip this month to St. Augustine for our five year anniversary. We’ll be flying up to Jacksonville and then driving down to St. Augustine. And as usual we’ll be staying at a bed & breakfast there. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. We’ll see if it’s better than Run of the River in Leavenworth, Washington. We stayed there for our honeymoon and it was divine!

Time to go…I’ll write more soon.