Right now I’m in training. Brio, now Hyperion, training to be precise. Now I’m not saying I’m bored but I’m bored. Anyways, I’ve decided to update my MCSD to MCSD.Net. I’ve already passed one exam and I’ve got four more to go. Hopefully I’ll be finished with this latest venture sometime this fall. For those who are wondering how I’m going to study I always use the Transcender practice exams. They are the best tool for exam preaparation. I haven’t failed a MS exam yet. Yet.

Those of you who are wondering how I finished in the city tournament, I didn’t win. But I did finish third. Not too shabby. I am a bit disappointed after shooting back to back 279’s then a 168. Two splits seperated me between $680. Easy come, easy go.

I better pay attention now. This might be important.

UPDATE – It wasn’t.