Drag & drop data-binding that works??

This absolutely floored me when I saw this last night. Channel 9 posted this video earlier this week. Here Robert Green, program manager on the VB team, demos some of the coolest drag-and-drop data-binding I’ve ever seen. This ladies and gentlemen is what we’ve wanted for years. Let’s hope it works exactly as shown.

UPDATE 7/8/2004 10:53 AM –  I’ve just noticed that this is my 100th post! Wow, I didn’t think that I’d make it this far. I’ve also made my first blog roll (as far as I know). Peter of Peter’s Blog has added me to his blog roll! Wahooo! I found the link by searching technorati for www.jorriss.com. (BTW, I’ve added my blog to technorati yesterday.) Thanks Peter!