IE6 and setup hell

This morning I had to download Internet Explorer 6 for distribution to a couple of people around the company. I went to the IE home page and clicked on the download section. I chose to download the IE setup and ran it. And it installed on my machine. Great! This is not what I wanted. So I googled it. I found this page oddly titled “How to download Internet Explorer 6 SP1.” What I was missing was this:

“C:\WINDOWS\Windows Update Setup Files\ie6setup.exe” /c:”ie6wzd.exe /d /s:””#E”

Now isn’t that straight forward? Why can’t the setup just ask me if I want to download the installation files? Why do I have to flip every freakin switch known to man? *Sigh*

Did I mention that the Cubs won last night? And they’ve picked up Garciaparra too. There, I feel better now.