He shoots, he scores!

Friday night after work I popped into the Apple store for the wired-wireless-bridge-USB-print-server-analog-optical-audio-source-thingie and lo and behold they actually had iPod Mini’s in stock! I couldn’t pass that up so I got a silver one and it rocks. My Dad and I was bowling in another tournament yesterday (I’ve been doing that a lot huh?) so I brought it along. Once we got to the center my Mom confiscated it and practically drained the battery.

I almost forgot, I did pick up Doom 3 on my way home from the Apple store (EB was next door). Damn, is it impressive. The playability? It’s ok. The visuals? Wow!

I did try to set up the AirPort Express this weekend and of course I couldn’t get it to work. When I get it up and running I’ll post the helpful links on the ‘ol blog.