.Net 1.1 Service Pack 1 Issues

We ran into an interesting problem yesterday. After the CryptoAPI mess we were preparing to put the server back into the pool. Well, one of our web reports was not posting back to the server. Of course I googled around and found this: Service Pack 1 for .NET 1.1 Broke My ASP.NET App.

“Well, there’s not much on this page — just a userid textbox, a password textbox, and a submit button — oh yea, and a couple of validators. Of course, validators aren’t checked clientside by Mozilla, and if they were failing in IE then the page wouldn’t even submit! Now why would my validators have started failing all of the sudden, after all the validation scripts don’t just change for no reason? Oh yea, didn’t my colleague tell me last night that he was going to install the latest critical updates, and maybe that included SP 1 for .NET v1.1? So I checked the Microsoft.NET directory and although there wasn’t a new build folder, it did appear that the file dates for the validation files were indeed very recent (actually July 2004). So I copied these files to my domain’s aspnet_client folder and everything instantly worked. Now the weird part is that my web app was working this morning, after the SP update, but before my update, so I can only assume that the SP update actually updated my domain’s aspnet_client folder, and then I recopied the old ones over it. OK, so maybe I broke it technically, if that’s really what happened — but its still the Service Pack that was the cause.”

This was exactly what we were experiencing. We found our fix in the comments. It actually entailed modifying the webUIValidation.js script in the ValidatorCommonOnSubmit function.

Before Change:
function ValidatorCommonOnSubmit() {
var result = !Page_BlockSubmit;
Page_BlockSubmit = false;
event.returnValue = result;
return result;
After Change:
function ValidatorCommonOnSubmit() {
event.returnValue = !Page_BlockSubmit;
Page_BlockSubmit = false;
return event.returnValue;
} “
Another handy resource was determine if service packs are installed on the .NET Framework article on the Microsoft site.
UPDATE: Our admin got on the horn with Microsoft and they told him to run the aspnet_regiis.exe -c command. He then cleared the cache and cookies and the site worked. So the code change in the webUIValidation.js isn’t necessary.