Updater Application Block Resources

Today I spent most of my day integrating the Updater Application Block into the Windows app that I’m creating. I must say it works quite well. Here are some of the resources that I found useful in implementing the block.

MSDN Updater Application Block Webcast: This webcast was presented by Chris Kinsman. Excellent webcast. Chris goes through loads of demos to accompany the standard MS presentation. Start here first.

How-To for the Updater Application Block: Nice blow-by-blow walkthrough for integrating the Updater in your application. It’s not 100% correct but it’s the most complete how-to that I found.

Keep your Apps Fresh with the MS Updater Application Block: This article gives an overview of the Updater block and gives some suggestions on how to fix it’s shortcomings.

Updater Applicaon Block for .NET Config Problem Thread: I had a problem loading the config file due to a bad path. This post pointed me in the right direction.

Create a Self-Updating WinForms App with the Application Updater Block: More of the same but a good how-to nonetheless.

Duncan Mackenzie’s Blog: Loads of good stuff on the Updater block.

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