New Year, New Notebook

I’ve been issued a new notebook for work. It’s a brand spanking new IBM ThinkPad T42. I couldn’t of gotten it a moment too soon. You see my old notebook, a ThinkPad T30, is a piece of junk. I’ve already had the motherboard replaced three times already due to a faulty DIMM slot and two weeks ago it happened again. That makes four bad motherboards in two years so the new computer couldn’t of come at a better time. The specs on the new T42 are Pentium M 1.7 processor, 1GB memory, 75GB hard drive and a fingerprint reader. That’s right, a fingerprint reader. IBM has made it easy to associate a login account with a fingerprint so there is no need to type in a password twenty-five times a day. So while the rest of you are typing in your thirty-five character strong password that your network administrator who suffers from a Napoleon complex forces you to have I’ll be swiping my finger to authenticate. Because I really need to know these things, the reader senses the electric current from your finger so if you were able to obtain my right index finger you will have about fifteen minutes to use that finger to gain access into my system. Good luck with that.