Client side scripting problem…again.

I installed Community Server Forums yesterday to kick its tires a bit, when I ran into the client side script problem again. I’ve seen this before so I ran aspnet_regiis –c to fix the problem. Instead, I received another problem aspnet_regiis -c was giving me an error of:

An error has occurred (0x80070005).
You must have administrative rights on this machine in order to run this tool.

Yay. So I tried Google…nothing. Google groups…nothing. MSDN…nothing.  I decided to post a message to the MSDN newsgroups. Within ten minutes I received a response and within seventy an answer. Here is the response from Juan:

Find the “system_web” directory under wwwroot. Under it, you should find a directory named “1_1_4322”. Delete it.

Run aspnet_regiis -ea from drive:\windowsdirectory\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322. That should kill all old 1.1.4322 scripts.

Then, run aspnet_regiis –c. That should re-install the 1_1_4322 directory and client scripts.

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Update – March 15, 2005 3:55 PM – I ran into this problem again! But this time the fix didn’t work. It turns out that the “system_web” directory at the website root was read-only. Once I took the read-only flag off the aspnet_regiis -c ran correctly.