3D desktops and simplicity

 Rory is on another rant, but this time he’s right.  His target is 3D desktops like SphereXP.

“Human beings have 7 +/– 2 memory “registers” for short term memory. In other words, you can keep anywhere from 5 to 9 pieces of information in your short term memory before you run out of space and have to commit something to permanent storage (which, unfortunately, isn’t as easy as it sounds) or discard it to make room for new information (much easier than it sounds).”

Rory, for once I agree with you. Just because the interface is “cool” doesn’t mean it would equate to productivity. The Mac has had a slick interface for years but do you see Macs in business. Nope. Of course there are other factors for the Mac not being accepted into the business community but that’s outside of the scope of this post. Conversely, the iPod has a simple, intuitive interface and we all know how well the iPod has done. So go download SphereXP if you are so inclined but don’t expect any miracles.