Use multiple websites in IIS on Windows XP

One issue that I’ve always had with Windows XP Pro is that you can’t configure multiple root websites. So I decided to take a peek on the web for solutions. The first solution that I found was an ISAPI filter called multisite. It’s a nice solution that redirects a domain to the proper webroot. This wouldn’t work for me since I needed two websites at the root.

The second solution that I found used the IIS admin scripts to copy a website to a new one creating two roots.

I found a workaround at that allowed me to copy the existing site to a new one… essentially, by doing the following commands at the DOS command prompt:

·         > cd \inetpub\AdminScripts

·         > cscript adsutil.vbs COPY W3SVC/1 W3SVC/2

This creates a second website with the same settings.

There are two immediately noticable caveats, however…

1.      Only one website can be started at any given time, regardless if you have changed the port on which the site resides.

2.      None of the sites can be deleted.

The second caveat isn’t correct. A website can be deleted with the following command:


Now when I need to start a website all I do is stop one and start the one I want. Not optimal but very useable.

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