WSJ: PSP is great for gaming, bad for multimedia

From The Wall Street Journal: The PlayStation Goes Portable

“Our verdict: The PSP is an impressive hand-held game player with great graphics, good game controls and strong multiplayer capabilities. But its added multimedia capabilities, while potentially strong, are hobbled by design and cost issues, at least at launch. The PSP isn’t likely to replace the iPod or the portable DVD player anytime soon.” 

I suspected as much. It would be just like Sony to release functionally that would blow the doors off the competition and implements it a half-baked fashion. How many more people would buy the PSP if it could replace their iPod? Or how many parents would gladly pony-up for a PSP if Sony released software that copied a SpongeBob DVD onto the PSP? I know that’s a stretch but can you imagine?  Instead we have the option to buy UMD movies. Great. I can now buy Star Wars in another format. No thank you. Sony, I will never, ever, ever, ever buy a UMD movie. Did I mention ever? Via Joystiq.

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