Use Gmail with your e-mail account

Lately, I’ve been completely infatuated with Google’s Gmail. It’s fast, free, and you get 2 GB of storage space. It also handles spam pretty well. I was using iMail that my web host provides and Microsoft Outlook. But that was cumbersome since Outlook wouldn’t let me open multiple instances (I always have my work e-mail open). Also, iMail wasn’t the most user friendly interface that I’ve ever seen. So, I decided to link my Digital Visuals e-mail account with my Gmail account. This turned out to be easier that I thought. First, I forwarded all of my e-mails to my Gmail account. Then, I configured Gmail to use my Digital Visuals e-mail address as reply-to. You can do this by clicking on the Settings link in Gmail and adding the desired e-mail address in the Reply-to Address text box.

Done! At this point I could re-configure Outlook to use Gmail for POP access but since I’m not going to use Outlook for e-mail this was unnecessary. As Darth Vader once said, “All too easy”. Enjoy

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