An open source Visual Studio?

I saw this and I did a double take. It looks like that there is a team of developers that will be unifying the N-tools (NUnit, NAnt, etc) under one project called NTeam. It sounds like a good idea after the blogsphere blew up (see Rick LaPlante, Eric Sink, and Eric Bowen) one the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) pricing announcement. I just can’t see NTeam 1) replacing Visual Studio 2) replicating the VSTS feature set. The major problem that I’ve had with the N-Tools is the documentation. When MS releases VSTS it will have numerous knowledge base articles, magazine articles, a huge help repository and at least a year’s worth of blog write ups. It’s a rarity that an open-source project has great documentation (see DotNetNuke). They are usually like NSurvey where they supply four pages of documentation in sixteen point font. I’m not basing the success of my projects on technology that is not explained!

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