Virtual Server 2005 vs. Virtual PC 2004

I have installed Virtual Server 2005 thinking it was the upgrade for Virtual PC 2004. I guess I was wrong. Brian Randell (who is an excellent speaker) has written a post describing the differences between the two products. Let the uninstalling commence!

…I wanted to post a few differences between the two products. The biggest difference is purpose.

Virtual PC is designed primarily for running desktop operating systems & applications in interactive mode. Can Virtual PC run server operating systems? Yes. Will Microsoft support you? No.

Virtual Server is designed to run server operating systems & server applications in daemon mode.

Other differences:

  • Virtual PC supports sound. Virtual Server does not.
  • Virtual Server provides support for SCSI disks (guest drives). Virtual PC does not.
  • Virtual Server exposes a COM api (with .NET PIAs) for extensibility. Virutal PC does not.
  • Virtual PC supports shared folders with the host. Virtual Server does not.
  • Virtual Server supports running guest without an interative session (a daemon). Virtual PC does not.


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