Windows Mobile 5.0 Unveiled

Microsoft has announced the next version of Windows Mobile and it’s not called “Windows Mobile 2005”. The official name will be “Windows Mobile 5.0”. I’ll never understand why MS marketing has to continually change the names of their products. How can you present a stable brand when the name changes with each version? Anyways, here is the feature list courtesy of Engadget. This sounds like a great release for developers.

·         New mobile versions of Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile Viewer, and Excel Mobile.

·         Improved one-handed navigation so you don’t have to use a stylus.

·         A new camera API that’ll make it easier for developers to write apps that use a device’s built-in camera.

·         ActiveSync 4.0.

·         Better WiFi support for Smartphones.

·         Support for push-to-talk and video calling.

·         Improved Bluetooth (e.g. ability to use ActiveSync over Bluetooth with multiple PCs).

·         Support for “persistent memory,” which means that you won’t lose all your data when your battery dies (a feature the Treo 650 and several other Palms already have).

·         Support for USB 2.0 so you can connect up to external hard drives. The press release was poorly worded, MSFT meant support for USB 2.0 AND support for internal hard drives. Not support for USB 2.0 for connecting external hard drives

Update: 5/12/05 1:20 PM – You can also view Bill Gates introducing the new Windows Mobile 5.0.

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