TechEd: Made it.

I made the long flight from Miami to Orlando and now I’m sitting in the conference hall sippin’ some agua. This place is impressive. It’s really big, huge even. I’ll be posting some pics soon. The flight was fine although I’m not too happy about leaving Miami at 10 AM on a Sunday morning. When we landed I attempted to find the rental car’s pick-up van. After fifteen minutes I had to call them and ask where the damn van was. When then van arrived at the rental car agency I was greeted by a rude mumbling individual who was more interested in conversing with his co-workers than with me. In the end I got a mini-van, a hell of a lot better than the Kia that Betty originally reserved for me. I’m unimpressed with the service that this agency has presented and encourage everyone to steer clear of this company. The name says it all…Payless Car Rental.