TechEd Braindump: Ad Hoc Reporting with Report Builder

Speaker: Jason Carlson, Brian Welcker

  • Report Builder for SQL Server 2005 will allow users to build their own reports (ad-hoc).
  • Driven from a business model of the data so users do not need to understand the underlying data structures. Exposes a meta data model.
  • Not a full analytical client or replacement for Pivot Tables.
  • Report Builder is a “Click Once” App
  • Requires .Net 2.0
  • Built on top of MS Office paradigms: Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Can build reports from templates.
  • This looks simplistic. How can you build complex queries? Or can you?
  • Headers can float with the report. If you scroll to the side the row groupings float as well.
  • A filter builder is available.
  • Automatic generation of drillthrough reports
  • Model Designer generates a model without much work.
    • Does it create the metadata?
    • It does create a model for which Report Builder can build reports.
    • It uses Visual Studio. Reporting Services is a project type.
    • Can create aggregate columns into the model so it can be used by the Report Builder.
  • Report Builder uses the meta data to create a natural language type of query. The model designer is used to create the meta data repository for Report Builder.

Disclaimer: These are my notes from my experience at TechEd 2005. I do not guarantee the validity or accuracy of these notes. They are my thoughts and what information I felt was important at the time.