TechEd Braindump: Ballmer Keynote

  • Ballmer “casually” shows off the new Thinkpad Tablet PC. He was like “Oh, what’s this? The new IBM Tablet PC? I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. I’m going to take this home.”
  • Exchange 2003 will have Push Email capability with SP2. Blackberry shutters.
  • He brings up the “New World of Work”. Huh? I don’t want two worlds of work.
  • There’s a demo of a app called “Virtual Earth”. Damn, if this doesn’t look like NASA’s World Wind.
  • Ballmer calls out Rational by saying that Visual Studio 2005 will “Beat the hells outta them.” Or something like that.
  • .NET 2.0 is 25 – 40% faster that .NET 1.1 and 200% faster than IBM Websphere.
  • During a demo the “Office Communicator” popped up. What is that? “Word to Excel, beam me up.”
  • MS MOM can manage Sun Solaris. Ballmer bangs wildly on the Sun rack and takes gleeful pleasure removing fans from the Solaris box.
  • TechEd has 11,000 people attending. Dang!