TechEd Braindump: Visual Basic 2005: Application Frameworks and Advanced Language Features

Speaker: Amanda Silver


  • VB now has a bunch of new templates including a login form.
  • The new Application Designer is the “cockpit for your app”.
  • Ouch! She had to change her laptop two minutes before the session and of course the project isn’t working.
  • You can override My namespace methods. You also need to use compiler arguments.
  • The My object are shortcuts to common objects.
  • Configuration Settings
    • Framework classes support read/write
    • Strongly-typed validation for settings
    • Discovery via IntelliSense
    • Support for app-scoped or user-scoped
    • Works in partial trust
  • User settings are stored in a username.config file.
  • Settings fire events.
  • Over 500 code snippets will be shipped in the box. Examples: Design patterns, Implementations of interfaces
  • A snippet editor will be made available via the web.
  • The Using statement will automatically dispose at the end of the block
  • Operator overloading isn’t for the pocket protectors any more.
  • Partial keyword allows classes to be declared across multiple files.
  • VB now gives early runtime warnings
    • Overlappig catch blocks or cases
    • Recursive property access
    • Unused Imports statement
    • Unused local variable
    • Function, operator without return
    • Reference on possible null reference
    • Option strict broken down into more granular switches.
  • VB now uses XML document comments and places it in intellisense.

Disclaimer: These are my notes from my experience at TechEd 2005. I do not guarantee the validity or accuracy of these notes. They are my thoughts and what information I felt was important at the time.