TechEd Braindump: Visual Studio 2005: Team Edition for Software Developers Drill-down

  • This talk focused all on demos.
  • Team System will incorporate a code coverage tool.
    • In the code coverage tool you can drill down to the module level.
    • It also shows which lines of code in the application have or have not been tested. It shows this information by highlighting the lines of code in different colors.
    • Testing code will still have to be written by hand. The real question now is how to get my team to write the code??
  • Writing a rule for the static code analysis tool (FXCop) is hard. They say that it’s a couple of days type task.
  • The performance wizard will handle all of the profiling duties.
  • A unit testing tool is also incorporated into the IDE.
  • Reporting will be available all throughout the Team System product.
  • Team System VPC images have been made available to attendees. ABOUT DAMN TIME.

Disclaimer: These are my notes from my experience at TechEd 2005. I do not guarantee the validity or accuracy of these notes. They are my thoughts and what information I felt was important at the time.