TechEd Thoughts: Tuesday

  • All day yesterday I couldn’t connect to the internet. I couldn’t even turn on my wireless card. This morning I talked to Hugo one of our network guys and he helped me reset the machine. All is working again. Thanks, Hugo!
  • I just found out one of the pieces of code that I was working on was pulled last night from the build. I hate it when my stuff doesn’t work right. HATE!
  • I had to miss the today’s keynote to fix my machine. That’s ok. It should be up on the net right about…now.
  • Geez! I miss all of the good stuff. In the keynote today it was announced that Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006 will be released on November 7, 2005. More details at Also, Reporting Services will be available on all versions of SQL Server 2005. Report Builder will be available in the standard and workgroup editions. Via and
  • After listening to Scott Hanselman talk about more code generation at the cabana I officially know nothing. But does he have a fingerprint reader on his T42? I don’t think so. Score one for the little guy.
  • This place has tables upon tables of sugary sweets. I’m not liking this…
  • I checked out ComponentArt’s booth. We’ve been using ComponentArt’s menu control when they were still being called Cyberakt. I was given a demo of their component suite. Impressive. All of their tools looked slick and seemed to work well.