TechEd Thoughts: Wednesday

  •  Last night another piece that I worked on was dropped, on a released night. I’m still not pleased; God is still in control; Film at 11.
  • I took the 70-305 VB web exam this morning and I passed. Barley, but passed. I scored a 715 and I needed a 700. Not bad for two nights worth of studying. I’m really pleased. Really, really pleased. Of course I should of passed since I’ve been working with the product for almost three years.
  • Bringing a second battery to TechEd was the smartest thing that I could of done.
  • The schwag is piling up how am I going to get this stuff home?
  • Visual Studio 2005 Team System is really impressive. The quality of apps being created should skyrocket. If the product is used properly.
  • I got a demo of the ProClarity product. It’s a very impressive BI tool.
  • Dang. I’m hitting an exhaustion wall. I need some rest.