TechEd Braindump: Building Data-Driven Web Sites In ASP.Net 2.0

 Speaker: Rob Howard


  • You can now change settings in Web.Config dynamically. This should allow devs to store configuration changes on-the-fly.
  • Declarative Data Binding
    • Controls bounds at appropriate time
    • Wire-up done through properties
    • Page lifecycle knowledge not required.
  • Site Map allows the defining of how the ASP.Net website pages are laid out.
  • The SQLDataSource is a server control that allows the defining of a SQL Sever Data Source without any code.
    • The SQL DataSource control enables caching on the object.
  • Parameters of a SQLDataSource control can be bound. These parameters can be from the Query String, web controls, etc…
  • The DataGrid now has a DataSourceID property to allow the DataGrid to be wired-up without code.
  • DataBinder.Eval(Container…)) syntax can now be written as Eval(…)
  • It looks like they decided that ASP.Net 2.0 needed more declarative syntax to reduce the amount of code written.
  • “Smart” Data-Bound contorls. New GridView and DetailsView control
  • No code is needed to sort, update, insert and delete data. This is done through the DataSource control.
  • Paging by default will grab all of the data and show only what was requested. You can override this.
  • Amount of view state that is generate has been reduced by 40%.
  • ObjectDataSource control uses an object to retrieve data.
    • Bind to custom business objects
    • Visual Studio data components
    • Parallels SQLDataSource in object model.
    • The select method can return any object, IEnumerable list, collection or array
    • There are Update, Insert and Delete methods
  • The GridView control renders sets of records as HTML tables.
    • Built-in sorting, paging, selecting, updating, deleting support.
  • DetailsView Control renders individual records. Pair with GridView for master-detail views.
  • SQL Cache Invalidation – New cache dependency type. It links cached items to database entities. Check into this…

Disclaimer: These are my notes from my experience at TechEd 2005. I do not guarantee the validity or accuracy of these notes. They are my thoughts and what information I felt was important at the time.