I just did something that was bound to happen. I deleted data from a production database. But it wasn’t just any data; it was the user’s role information on our website.  It wasn’t just some, a little, or most of the data; I deleted the whole freakin’ table. Good job. Yay me. I was performing some routine user maintenance and was trying to delete a single role but I forgot to comment out my test SELECT statement in the DELETE query. So when the script ran the table data got whacked. I reviewed the row counts and immediately saw what happened. My stomach quickly knotted up and I imported the role data from the staging environment as fast as I could. You see, without role data the website effectively shut down. Total down time: two minutes. Of course the staging data was a week old so we had to restore the table from the previous nights backup. The lesson: even the most careful of us make mistakes, so handle them as professionally as possible and never try to cover them up! Also, don’t delete production data.

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