PSP v2.0 firmware now available

The new PSP v2.0 firmware is now available for download. This is what we’ve been waiting for people. This is the update that installs a web browser on your PSP. From the sounds of it the browser might actually be pretty capable with sizing features and *gasp* tabs. Grab this one folks. Via Scoble.

Update Instructions:
– Connect your PSP to your PC via USB cable.
– Goto the directory /PSP/GAME/ in your memory stick.
– Create a sub-directory named “UPDATE” (MUST be uppercase)
– Copy the downloaded PBP file into this directory.
– Rename it to “EBOOT.PBP” (MUST be uppercase too)
– Disconnect the PSP from the PC
– In PSP’s XMB interface, goto “Game” -> “Memory Stick”
– Browse to the Update file and start it.
Note: You need to plug in the AC adapter.