Join the Internet Video Revolution

It looks like internet video is finally taking off. Sites like YouTube and Libsyn are now allowing users to upload video and share it for free or a small cost. This is allowing the individual to create and publish video content without bandwidth and storage costs. Of course bitTorrent has been around a while now but it can be cumbersome for the average user to use and of course it can be changeling to find content. Some of my favorite video sites are AskANinja, DiggNation and Rocketboom.

This video revolution has made some traditional shows relevant again. SNL has seen a popularity rise since their Lazy Sunday and Natalie Portman Gangsta Rap shorts were put on YouTube. Of course that didn’t stop them dropping a cease and desist on YouTube.

How is this revolution going to turn out? Dunno. But I know it won’t move much past the entertainment realm unless someone can figure out how to search inside the video content. Without the ability to Google the contents of a video users will be manually searching content again looking for singular piece of information. Microsoft, are you hearing me? You have the resources and tons of video content to index. You can make this happen. Who would make the switch from Google to MSN if you knew you could search the content of lecture, instructional and how-to videos? So all hail the internet video revolution at least it will be fun…for now.