CSLA 2.0: Building Better Business Objects

For almost four years I’ve been using Rockford Lhotka’s CSLA. CSLA or the Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture is a framework to build business objects. It’s a powerful architecture that provides many different features for middle-ware objects (automating validation logic, n-level undo, and databinding support just to name a few). Personally, I wouldn’t start an application without it. Rocky has updated the framework once again this time with version 2.0. It includes better validation (it also breaks some of my code, thanks Rocky), authorization support and updates to the data portal. As usual Rocky has updated his books Expert VB 2005 Business Objects and Expert C# 2005 Business Objects to reflect these new changes. DotNetRocks has been busy showing the world CSLA.Net 2.0. They have featured Rocky and the new changes to CSLA in their weekly podcast. They have also created a video on how CSLA works on their DNR TV show. For more information on CSLA you can try the CSLA message board, the CSLA Desktop Reference, or the CSLA wiki.