Project Web Server ActiveX controls cannot be downloaded

I ran into this issue today. When I logged into our Project Web Server website I received this error:

The controls for Project Web Access cannot be downloaded correctly. To download the controls:

  • Verify your security settings in Internet Explorer are set to allow ActiveX controls to be downloaded.
  • Check to see if Internet Explorer has stopped the installation of the ActiveX controls.
  • To install the controls, on the Information Bar, click Install ActiveX Control. You need to use a 32-bit version of your browser to download and run the ActiveX controls.
  • Contact your systems administrator.

After a reboot found this article entitled Error message when you start Microsoft Project Web Access: “The controls for Microsoft Project Web Access could not be downloaded correctly” in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. To fix the issue I removed the Project Web Access ActiveX controls by:

Remove any controls that are already downloaded
Project 2007
  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  3. Click the General tab, and then click Settings in the Browsing history section.
  4. Click View Objects.
  5. Right-click Pj12enuC Class, and then click Remove.
  6. Right-click PjAdoInfo4 Class, and then click Remove.
  7. Close the View Objects window, and then click OK two times. 

I then went back into our Project Web Access website and downloaded the ActiveX controls again. Worked like a charm.