Migrating Magic Unicorns

This past weekend I had the opportunity to present at the Orlando Code Camp. This was a great event and I was happy to be amongst the community once again. I presented my Entity Framework: Code First and Magic Unicorns talk. I gave this talk a month ago at the South Florida Code Camp. That session didn’t turn out as well as I wanted. I originally had some rage comics and that didn’t go over so well. Most didn’t even know what a rage comic was. I also had a few demo failures that I wanted to squash. And of course the introduction of Code First Migrations made some of my content obsolete.

So I reworked the presentation from scratch. I threw out the rage comics and added a Migrations section. I also moved much of my code from the demos into the slide deck. This helped me focus the talk on the feature which I was speaking about. I added a simple console app demo that showed a database creation and simple data retrieval. I kept another demo which showed a more complex mapping scenario complete with multiple kinds of relationship mappings.

During the presentation I went off script in one of the demos tried to show the default configuration in Entity Framework. I showed how I didn’t have to explicitly set a connection string for EF to work because EF would automatically connect to SQL Server Express. My misunderstanding was that Entity Framework would recreate the connection string in app.config. But the app.config is created by the Nuget package and not Entity Framework. So I deleted the app.config and ran the app. The app threw an error, duh. Demo failures seem to be the norm with me. I wrapped up my point and moved on. Like I said, demo failures are normal for me. Now, if I had only uninstalled the Entity Framework Nuget package and then installed it again everything would have worked just fine.

Other than the demo failures I had a blast giving this presentation. Entity Framework has come such a long way since the Alpha days when I first used it. I’m more than happy to talk about the awesomeness that it’s become. Thank you Orlando for allowing me to speak and we’ll see you next year.

Download the demos from my presentation.