New T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012

Recently, I spoke at SQL Saturday #141 South Florida. Words can’t express how much I love the SQL Server community. Every time I’m able to speak at a SQL Server event I’m deeply honored. For almost the past year I’ve been traveling around Florida speaking at events like SQL Saturday talking about Project Management. But for this SQL Saturday I wanted to talk about something different. I wanted to talk about SQL Server (*gasp*).

For almost a year now I’ve been working as a SQL Server consultant. No, not the DBA kind but the developer kind. I’ve been slinging around some hefty T-SQL code recently and with the introduction of SQL Server 2012 I was really interested in the new features in T-SQL. So what better topic could there be for a SQL Saturday for a presentation? What hit me first was that there wasn’t a big feature like Common Table Expressions or PIVOT/UNPIVOT in the 2012 release. But this release has a bunch of little features that will make your experience better when writing T-SQL. The new functionality to the OVER clause (aka Window Functions) may get most of the headlines but I’m a fan of the smaller features like CONCAT and FORMAT. These incremental improvements will help in BI situations such as transforming and reporting data.

One of the other things that I used for the demo was the Stack Overflow Data Dump. Stack Overflow releases their data every month so crazy people like myself can toy with it. It’s great for demos because of the depth of data and easy to understand schema. If you do any sort of demos check it out.

Download the demos from “New T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012”