Hey how are you doing? I’m sure glad you dropped by. I’m assuming you’re here hoping to learn something about me. That would make perfect sense since you’re on my website on the About Me page. My name is Richie Rump and I’m a software developer and data professional. I’m trying to create a world where data and code live in perfect harmony. I work with companies to solve their data challenges with .NET, SQL Server, NoSQL and whatever else completes the job.

My career has taken me through Burger King, Florida Power and Light, Ryder, Subway and Walt Disney World. I started my career as a simple web developer but my journey has allowed me to be a software architect, project manager, data architect and most currently a consultant. I’ve earned a few certifications over the years Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Developer 2008 (MCITP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), and Project Manager Professional (PMP) and will probably add a few more before the year is out.

I have a confession to make: I am a speaker and I love it. I like to talk to developers on database topics and talk to data professionals about development topics. When we as IT professionals have a better idea on how each part of the system works it helps us all build better systems. Oh and did I mention that when I speak I try to make it as informative, interactive, enjoyable as possible. Yup, all in a days work. Learn more about my presentations, where I’ve spoken and where I’ll be next on the Presentations page.

I’m a firm believer of community and in 2012 started a developer community (we don’t use the words “user group”) dotNet Miami. I wanted dotNet Miami to be the place where enterprise developers go in Miami to learn, share and connect with other software developers. So far we’re doing a good job and dotNet Miami boasts over 550 members. I’m also a member of the group that puts on the South Florida Code Camp. That event is held every February and brings over 1,100 developers together on a Saturday to learn about technology.

I also like to write code and make it available to people just like you. I am the creator of a website that helps SQL Server query tuners format STATISTICS IO and STATISTICS TIME. I’ve also created sp_DataProfiler a SQL Server script that helps users get schema and data information using data profiling techniques. For more of my projects I suggest that you check out my Projects page.

More recently I’ve co-created the Away From the Keyboard podcast. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around a bit speaking at different conferences. The absolute best thing about speaking is meeting fellow speakers and hearing all of the wonderful stories that they have. I wanted to record these stories and make them available to awesome people like you. We release a new episode of Away From The Keyboard every Tuesday.

One last thing, I’m on Twitter pretty often sharing links, talking technology with other technologists, and sometimes acting a fool. Give me a follow @Jorriss.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ranga
    February 10, 2014 @ 3:21 PM

    thanks for the great tool statisticsioparser…love it! I have few suggestions.
    1. Please have a clear button which would clear the stats and results
    2. How about sorting the results with the highest reads first ? You can keep this as an option if the user chooses to see the high reads on top!



  2. Andy
    February 24, 2014 @ 9:10 AM

    Hi Richie,

    I enjoyed your presentation at the SF .Net camp. In fact it was one of the best presentation.

    If possible, please email me the presentation.

    Thank you,



  3. Bert-Jan Diedering
    February 2, 2015 @ 4:48 PM

    Hey there!
    Got your statistics parser from Brentozar newsletter.
    Thanx a for putting time and effort in the website, it really helps!
    Great job 🙂

    Kind regards,



  4. Dave Mattingly
    February 18, 2015 @ 12:33 PM

    Hi, Richie.

    In Nashville, you asked me about Talend’s data profiling.

    They’ll be holding a three-hour webinar about it here:


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