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Why You Absolutely Need Alternate Keys: A Unique Constraint Story

Why You Absolutely Need Alternate Keys: A Unique Constraint Story

Although often forgotten, alternate keys are an essential part of  database design especially if you’re using surrogate keys. Alternate keys protect your database from duplicate data and can even speed up your application. For the past few years I’ve been presenting on the top database design mistakes that I’ve seen “in the wild”. One of those “mistakes”(…)

New T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012

Recently, I spoke at SQL Saturday #141 South Florida. Words can’t express how much I love the SQL Server community. Every time I’m able to speak at a SQL Server event I’m deeply honored. For almost the past year I’ve been traveling around Florida speaking at events like SQL Saturday talking about Project Management. But(…)

The A, B, C’s of Table Aliases

Dear Developers, DBA’s and Power Users, There is something that I’ve been seeing in your SQL that it annoys me so much that it’s forcing me to bring it to your attention. Developers, DBA’s and power users hear my plea. Table aliases are wonderful things. They make SQL easier to read and more compact. I’m(…)

Quick and Dirty Data Dictionary

Recently, I’ve been working on databases that I’ve never touched before. Of course, when dealing with a “new to you” database there some are challenges. What’s the schema of the database? What’s the “cleanliness” of the data? Is there any useful metadata? When I look at a database for the first time I want to(…)