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In 2011 I had a question, what would the perfect user group look like? What would it do? What kind of speakers would it have? Who would attend? Over the course of that year I started answering that question. That user group would actively hold monthly meetings and other annual events. It would be full of developers that shared their knowledge freely and openly. It would be dedicated to building the technical expertise of it’s members and growing technical speakers. It would be diverse not only in race and ethnicity but also in gender and age. And it wouldn’t call itself a “user group” because it would be more than a user group it would be a community. Then I thought what if this ideal developer community was in Miami? I started dotNet Miami to answer that very question.

dotNet Miami meets every third Thursday and engages the enterprise developers in Miami. We want to be the place where Miami developers can learn, share and connect. We’re active in building software, currently building the Shindy platform. We also help with non-technical events like Tech Night at the Ballpark an event where the technical community can mingle and catch a ballgame.

I’m very proud of what dotNet Miami has become. Here are some more of my thoughts about dotNet Miami:

Upcoming dotNet Miami Events

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