Quick and Dirty Data Dictionary

Recently, I’ve been working on databases that I’ve never touched before. Of course, when dealing with a “new to you” database there some are challenges. What’s the schema of the database? What’s the “cleanliness” of the data? Is there any useful metadata? When I look at a database for the first time I want to(…)

On letting go and being let go

As I continue though my journey through my career I have experienced many things. I’ve created software that is used by thousands of people. I’ve architected databases that store information for a three billion dollar supply chain. I’ve lead a multi-million dollar project to successful implementation. I’ve created many, many project plans, some with thousands(…)

Leadership, is it in you?

One issue that I often see in technology organizations, whether it’s in an internal IT department or an entire company focused on technology, is a lack of leadership. The common situation is this: a ninja programmer gets a promotion to manager because they are fantastic at doing their job. Now, their job has nothing to do with managing people,(…)

You don’t call, you don’t write…

Finally, the Jorriss has come back to the blog! I know that’s a line from fellow UM alumnus The Rock but it sounds good and it’s appropriate. Yes, I have decided to get back into blogging. So what have I been up to during the past three years? Glad you asked. Led the team that(…)