Didn’t think it would happen did ya?

I’m back. It’s been a long time since my last post. Since then Alexa is 1.5 times older, I’ve been promoted at work, I’ve gotten more involved at church and I’m busier than ever. I did have a good logical reason why I stopped blogging but I’m going to save that for later. I’ve also been able(…)

Open source is frail

Last week, Microsoft announced Sandcastle which produces MSDN style documentation for your Visual Studio projects. Sandcastle is used internally to build the .Net Framework documentation. About the same time, Kevin Downs the creator of NDoc an open-source .Net documentation tool, announced that he will not be working on future versions of NDoc. It’s kinda sad to(…)

Create Excel Files on the Fly

I hate throwing away code. Recently, we had a requirement to create an Excel spreadsheet with formulas and specific data for a particluar user. Of course we could always use Reporting Services to get the data in Excel format but then there would be no formulas. So I ran across this article by Peter Bromberg(…)

Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

The Miami Users Group will be offering a free session on the new Sharepoint Server 2007 on August 17th at Carnival Cruise Lines – World Wide Headquarters 3650 NW 87th Avenue Miami, FL. Here is a snipet on the session: Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) by Joe Homnick Regional Director Ambassador and MVP(…)

MS ups the ante vs Google Maps

Microsoft has announced some updates to thier Windows Live Local service (I really hate that name). Then enhancements include real-time traffic reporting and new social sharing tools. Here are the highlights: Real-time traffic flow. Customizable driving directions are now even more useful with the addition of real-time traffic flow and incident reporting provided by Traffic.com. This functionality will(…)

Smart Client vs Web Applications

In the office we’re currently investigating Smart Client vs Web Applications. It seems that I’m not alone. A few months ago Rob Howard and Paul Ballard recently got in a holy war over this exact issue. Rob’s premise is that web applications rule and smart clients suck. Paul believes that smart clients rule and web(…)