As a consultant see a bunch of different databases. Some of them are built with thought and care; some of them aren’t. I still haven’t seen a database that’s perfect…yet. Overall, most databases are logically designed well but the physical design has problems. I kept seeing the same problems over and over again: missing alternate keys, incorrect data types, guids. This presentation came out seeing these issues time and time again. What I really like about this presentation is the interactivity with the audience. I just don’t give answers, I actively ask questions to the audience and we have a discussion about what’s really the right thing to do. I think the audience appreciates this kind of interactivity and it gives them the opportunity to ask questions they may not have thought about before.


Not every system has a database architect available to design it. But what happens when developers design database and don’t take the proper care into designing a database? This session will take a real-world look into my experiences with some database design choices. In this interactive session, we’ll take a deep look into these design choices including a detailed discussion on why they didn’t work and what could have been done better. We may even take a peek into SQL Server internals. If you’ve ever needed to read or write to a database you’ll learn some valuable lessons from this session.


You can find the demos on GitHub under the Demo.DbDesignDisasters repo.


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