Indexing is one the the best ways to get performance out of SQL Server quickly and easily. But many developers view SQL Server as a black box that either works or doesn’t. In fact, SQL Server is highly-configurable data platform that isn’t necessarily performant out of the box. This session I demystify SQL Server indexes and show how they work and how they can drastically improve query performance. I also give a crash course on SQL Server storage basics and show how to tune a query in SQL Server.


Have you ever ran a SQL against SQL Server and it was so slow that you wondered if the database was from 1955? You could use a Delorean or you can create indexes in your database. This session will introduce you to SQL Server indexes. Indexes are a powerful tool to improve the performance of our queries. We’ll discuss how indexes are structured and why they speed up queries, how INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries are affected by indexes and how to identify if an index is necessary. Then, we’ll take a look at an Entity Framework application and see how EF reacts to our fresh new indexes. If you want to make bad query performance a thing of the past this session is for you.


You can find the demos on GitHub under the Demo.SQLIndexes repo or download the .zip directly.


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