One of the things that I do for companies is to help them with their business intelligence projects. A big part of these projects is to clean up the data that just isn’t right; because bad data makes bad decisions. During these clean up tasks I found myself writing the same kinds queries over and over again. I later found out that the kind of queries that I was writing were a part of a larger collection of techniques called data profiling. Data Profiling is really all about getting data about your data. This presentation introduces the audience to data profiling by first showing them how to create some data profiling queries by just using SQL. I then show them Data Profiling Task in SQL Server Integration Services, and finally I present sp_DataProfile an easy to use stored procedure that brings some data profiling techniques directly into SQL Server Management Studio.


The legendary adventurer is on the quest of a lifetime. He’s found a database that holds the locations of the world’s greatest relics, but there’s a problem. No, it’s not snakes. The database was written using an ancient format and it may hold incorrect data. Our data archaeologist must find a way move the correct data into SQL Server or risk losing our most important treasures, forever. Luckily, he has an powerful tool, data profiling.

Data profiling is a way that you can identify bad data, measure inaccurate data, and know for sure that your queries are right. There are many different ways our adventurer can use data profiling. This session will show you what data profiling is and how it can help lead you to fortune and glory.


You can find the demos on GitHub under the Demo.DataProfile repo or download the .zip directly.


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