sp_DataProfile is a tool that helps you investigate data in SQL Server quickly and efficiently. sp_DataProfile will help you view table structure, view the number of unique values and nulls in a table, and view the distribution of values in a column.

Download sp_DataProfile

You can get sp_DataProfile on the download page!


sp_DataProfile has five modes that help you understand your data

  • Table Overview (0 – Default)
    This will give you an overview of the structure of a table.
  • Column Detail (1)
    The column detail will give you the same information as the table overview but include the Number Unique Values, Unique Ratio, Number of Nulls, Null Ratio, Min Length, and Max Length for each column in a specified table.
  • Column Statistics (2)
    This provides the Minimum, Maximum, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation for each column in a specified table.
  • Candidate Key Check (3)
    The Candidate Key Check will determines if a column or group of columns has duplicate data within it. If duplicate data is found with the column(s) the number of duplicates, the value(s) of the column(s), and a SQL statement that will show you the rows that were duplicates.
  • Column Value Distribution (4)
    This provides the distinct values in a table an the number of times that that value occurs in the table.


Table Overview


Table Overview with Indexes and Foreign Keys


Column Detail


 Column Statistics for a 10% Sample


Candidate Key Check


Column Value Distribution



  1. Alberto Santaballa
    August 18, 2015 @ 10:24 AM

    Looks cool, Richie. Just downloaded and will give it a whirl. –Al-


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  5. sa
    April 26, 2016 @ 1:13 PM

    Handy and fast, thanks so much for sharing.


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